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- San Antonio Express-News
- AFL-CIO Labor Council
- Bexar County Adult Probation Officers Association
- Stonewall Democrats
- Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Bexar County


Mental Health & O...

My first priority will be to reestablish confidence within our community so that there will be a standard of courtesy and respect in Bexar County Probate Court 1. One of the most important functions of Probate Court is to hear the county’s Mental Health docket. The Bexar County Probate Court was a positive force for change within the mental health community. I will ensure that there is a return to unity between this court and the mental health community through communication, community meetings, and valuing the opinions and expertise of stakeholders in the mental health community.



On Veterans Day, as we honor and thank our military men and women for their service, I can’t help but to reflect on my own time as a young Marine in Panama. Those years helped shaped the adult I am today and instilled in me the values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. I returned to the States healthy, both physically and mentally. But so many of my bothers and sisters have not been as fortunate. During my time as the Associate Probate Judge, I saw veterans appear before me suffering from depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I worked tirelessly with our community to insure they received the care they needed and always with the dignity and respect they deserved. Once elected, I vow to ALWAYS treat our veterans and ALL who come before me with that same respect. Our community deserves no less.


What is Probate C...

Probate court is the one court that impacts everyone's life at some point. Not because they did anything illegal or improper, but because something tragic happened in their life; An elderly parent can no longer take care of themselves and a guardian must be appointed, a spouse passes away unexpectedly without a will, or a child is suffering from mental illness and the parents turn to the court for help. Because of the unique and heartbreaking circumstances that propel one to Probate Courts, a Judge must be TRUSTED. EMPATHIC. FAIR. That is my pledge to you.